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Religions in general, except for Islam

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 21, 2011 3:26 am    Post subject: Religions in general, except for Islam Reply with quote

I was just thinking, I know that is a dangerous thing to do, about really some serious questions that I would like others to think about and if I am mistaken with the assumptions to give me a valid correction.

With religions in general, except for Islam I can not think of any other religion that does not have at its core the belief that we should treat all people regardless of their religion honestly, decently, morally, etc. Basically The Golden Rule . . . Do to others as you want others to do to you. Or put another way that which you find offensive when done to you do not do to others.

Islam makes huge exceptions of how to treat people based solely on their religious belief (or non-belief). Basically be honest and good to other Muslims, everyone else can … well … hum …is condemned to hell. Both in life and in the here after.

Is there any other main stream religion (not the wacko fringe groups) that teach such a thing, not what the members may practice, but what they teach as part of their core beliefs? What other religion teaches that once it becomes obvious that a person will not voluntary join or submit to their religion that it is ok to cheat, steal, kill, etc. to make the people join or submit to the religion?

I keep being told (mostly in real life) that I should not group all Muslims together and not condemn Islam in general. I do not condemn every Muslim nor Islam as a whole. I only condemn the groups and people that practice deceitful, violent, dare I say evil aspects of Islam. Just I do with other religions, be it Christians, Catholics, Buddhists, wiccans, etc.

If what a Muslim practices is honest and peaceful to everyone (regardless of religion, race or sex) I have no issues with them. Just as I have no issues with people of other religions that practice honesty and peacefulness towards all people. What I am attacking is a religion that is violent and evil (or the groups that practice it). If their Islam is not like that they don’t have to fear me.

Let me give you an example that I think even the youngest school age child can understand.

Let us pretend we live in a very rural neighborhood. One day a rabid dog is running around the neighborhood trying to bite everything and everyone it can. Being that I am one of the first to see the rabid dog, I grab my gun and go after him.

Someone stops me and says, “My dog is docile and friendly. That bad dog is not my dog.”

I reply, all be it confused, “That is fine, there is no reason to worry. I love dogs. Now let go of me so I can deal with this dangerous animal before it harms or kills someone.”

Then this person starts attacking me and says I must not harm his dog. Doesn’t that prove or at least strongly suggest that the person’s “friendly dog” and the vicious rabid dog are one and the same?

Muslims constantly tell us the Islam they practice is not violent. Great! I am not against any peaceful religion. But when they attack me and try to stop me when I criticize the violent Islam, it is clear that something is amiss. Their religion is dangerous, violent, dare I say rabid and they know it.

Some will obviously say that there are members of other religions that are dangerous and rabid also. That is a true enough statement. However, with those other religions to continue on with the example above, rather than try to protect the rabid dog in every other religion their own members will, vocally and actively, also be out helping to stop that rabid dog to keep it from harming anyone.

So why the difference, why do Muslims actively try to stop people from speaking out against the violent, dangerous, rabid groups that are unquestionably found within the religion of Islam while other religious groups will actively help to stop the violent, dangerous, rabid members that claim to practice their faith?

I do not expect answers to these questions.

But I do hope everyone will think about it.

Agree or disagree but do so with your own mind and conscience, not because of what someone else tells you to think, believe and do.
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