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What is Chilla?

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 02, 2011 12:46 pm    Post subject: What is Chilla? Reply with quote

What is Chilla?

copied from:

Chilla: Spending 40 days in seclusion, sayings prayers for communion with God.

= = = = ==

however there are a couple of other interesting things associated with chilla.

the term

Chilla-nashini seems to have Hindu origins

Chilla-nashini is a spiritual practice of penance and solitude, known mostly in Indian and Persian traditions. In this ritual a mendicant or ascetic attempts to remain seated in a circle practicing meditation techniques without food for 40 days and nights. The word 'chilla' is adopted from the Persian word 'chehel', meaning 'forty'. The nashini is the person who does the 40-day fast and remains seated in the circle of seclusion. It is (falsely) believed that those who try it but do not succeed usually die or suffer madness.

Chilla-nashini is a severe penance. A circle is drawn on the ground by the penitent's own hand; for forty days and nights he must not step out of the circle, he must forgo food, and avoid falling sleep. He must face whatever comes. Chilla-nashini is known to both Sufi and Vedantic ascetics.

The chilla is performed for spiritual as well as worldly attainments, psychic abilities (siddhis), or complete enlightenment depending on the desire of the practioner who performs it.

The chilla is commonly performed in a solitary cell called chilla-khana.

= = = = = = =

this one i am a little hesitant to include as it is not from an online source but googling the term I do get some references online but none I would want to put a whole lot of faith in their accuracy.

Chilla Kasi - a method used to summon and control jinn. (usually for less than honorable reasons at least from a non-muslim point of view)

This also seems to be where the insanity part listed above seems to originate.

part of the process includes:

Sit in the center of a circle that is drawn/marked on the ground and perform a ritual. You have to do the ritual for forty (40) consecutive nights. Each night as one performs the ritual the person is suppose to see strange and scary creatures outside the circle. You have to continue the ritual without getting scared of the creatures. Every night the creatures get scarier and scarier. If you manage to survive all forty nights then you will be given possession of Jinns. However if the person fails and the creatures outside the circle manages to scare the person or the person leaves the circle then the creatures can possess the person and the person ends up insane.

With more research this might show some links between Islam and ancient occult witchcraft or it might simply be an old "ghost story" that has no real basis of fact.

If anyone knows for sure please post some more information.
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