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Kuwaiti men need sex-slaves

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2011 11:24 pm    Post subject: Kuwaiti men need sex-slaves Reply with quote

what is scary, sad, disgusting is that it is other women that are the ones encouraging this practice be done to other women. well just non-muslim women. so much for the sisterhood of women.

I have highlighted several areas.

copied from:

June 12 2011

Overweight and over-sexed Kuwaiti men need sex-slaves to sate their appetites

OBESITY is one of Kuwait’s biggest headaches. But there is another: Kuwaiti men – around 80 percent of whom are said to be obese – are being seduced into “immoral behaviour” by their attractive, mostly non-Kuwaiti servants.

Salwa al-Mutairi, a political activist and former parliamentary candidate for Kuwait’s government, has a solution to this particular problem: sex slavery.

Mutairi told TV viewers that Muslim men who fear being seduced or tempted into immoral behaviour by the beauty of their female servants, or are afraid of having “spells” cast on them by their servants, would be better off purchasing women for sexual purposes from an “enslaved maid” agency.

She suggested that special offices could be set up to provide concubines in the same way as domestic staff recruitment agencies currently provide housemaids.

“We want our youth to be protected from adultery,” said al-Mutairi, suggesting that these maids could be brought to Kuwait from war-stricken nations like Chechnya to be sold on later to devout merchants.

The Kuwaiti female activist began by insisting that:

It’s of course true that the prophet of Islam legitimized sex-slavery.

She recounts how when she was in Mecca, Islam’s holiest city, she asked various sheikhs and muftis about the legality of sex-slavery according to sharia: they all confirmed it to be perfectly legal; Kuwaiti ulema further pointed out that extra “virile” men – Western synonyms include “sex-crazed,” “lecherous,” “perverted” – would do well to purchase sex-slaves to sate their appetites without sinning.

Here’s a particularly interesting excerpt from her taped speech on the rules governing sex-slaves:

A Muslim state must [first] attack a Christian state – sorry, I mean any non-Muslim state – and they [the women, the future sex-slaves] must be captives of the raid. Is this forbidden? Not at all; according to Islam, sex slaves are not at all forbidden. Quite the contrary, the rules regulating sex-slaves differ from those for free women [ie Muslim women]: the latter’s body must be covered entirely, except for her face and hands, whereas the sex-slave is kept naked from the bellybutton on up – she is different from the free woman; the free woman has to be married properly to her husband, but the sex-slave – he just buys her and that’s that.

She went on to offer concrete suggestions:

For example, in the Chechnyan war, surely there are female Russian captives. So go and buy those and sell them here in Kuwait; better that than have our men engage in forbidden sexual relations. I don’t see any problem in this, no problem at all.

And she cited 8th century Harun al-Rashid as a shining role-model:

And the greatest example we have is Harun al-Rashid: when he died, he had 2,000 sex slaves – so it’s okay, nothing wrong with it.

To Mutairi’s credit, she did suggest that the enslaved girls be at least 15 years-old.

Mutairi’s call for sex-slavery follows that of Egyptian cleric Shaykh Abi-Ishaq al-Huwayni who suggested Muslims embark on a few holy wars each year, and take non-Muslim women as slaves who could then be sold in market-places.
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